The Rpm Garage website has been designed to be as simple to use as possible whilst still providing the maximum possible security and privacy for all of your information. We are strongly committed to your privacy whilst still providing the best possible service. The policy below outlines our practices and commitment to ensure the responsible use of your information.

Network Security

The website is secured within a private network utilizing industry standard firewalls and other security measures to ensure no unauthorized access. Where appropriate encryption measures are used for the transmission of information between your web browser and the server, including the login process, change of password and initial registration password entry.

Website Security

The website server and software has been built with the intention of being as secure as possible with industry standard measures utilized to ensure no unauthorized access. The website server is not shared amongst other operations for enhanced security and system access is limited to a limited number of qualified technicians. The website software is fully supported by our vendors and the latest software updates are applied on a regular basis to ensure on-going security.

Data Security

Information stored on our servers are secured using the recommended security practices of our software vendors. The website is backed up on a regular basis to ensure minimal data loss should any unexpected events occur. These backups are stored on an remote secured server with strictly limited user access.

Credit Card or Paypal Details

We do not collect credit card information directly, instead we utilize the use of Paypal for processing of any credit card orders. Using the trusted Paypal service, we do not collect or store any credit card information.

Personal Information

We collect personal information via our registration process for the purpose of handling orders placed via the website, this includes name, address, phone number...etc. Registration is only required if you wish to place an order and you can browse the website without providing any personal information without limitation.

Email Addresses

Email address information is collected as part of our registration process. These addresses will only ever be used for communication regarding orders. Collected email addresses will not be used for the distribution of unsolicited (known as spam), email and will never be provided to third party as per the following section.

Anonymous Information

Website usage information is also collected for monitoring the statistics such as visits, website referrals and search engine usage. This data is used in aggregation to watch overall trends and not used for individual tracking. From this information we cannot collect specific details such as name, address or credit card details. From this information we can determine what are the most popular products and common usage patterns of the website. Using this analysis we can improve the website, products we make available and our order processing.

Third Parties

Under no circumstances will your personal or usage information be disclosed to any third party unless otherwise required by law.